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        Yixing city hengtong transport building ventilation skylight installation co., LTD is one of the largest ventilation skylight manufacturing installation,The enterprise has the fixed asset1500Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area30000Square。Existing staff120People,The engineering and technical personnel40People,2001In industrial production5800Wan。Realize the profit tax720Wan。
       This enterprise is the national standard《Ventilation skylight》05J621-3Participated in the unit,Professional manufacturers;As well as the national standard《Electric discharge smoke daylighting skylight》04J621-2Professional manufacturers。
      For many years in the national design institute、The owner support,Companies continue to grow stronger,Emerging and hired Beijing futian building engineering co., LTD., national 1st class registered structural j Mr Eagle,Chongqing iron and steel designing institute at the national level architect Yang Zhijun Sir,Targeted on the current domestic steel industry,Metallurgy、Casting hot working workshop ventilation,To design construction standards,Improve the product structure of finished product,And are widely used in national key project,And become mature and normal product,We are on the product quality、Strive to high quality on the quality、Strive to improve the excellence。
      Such as ventilation skylight frame for the Lord8#Channel steel,Shelter arc skeleton skeleton times are50×50Galvanized square steel tube,Supporting frame for40×60 30×30Galvanized steel pipe,To ensure the skylight robustness、Security。Is no other in the same company。To the southeast coastal areas, The typhoon have security。
      Shelter plate、Roof panel、The wind valve plate、All use0.6㎜Thick Galvanized plate,Or according to the regional design requirements according to the factory house panel to consider same quality。
      Fenestration of lifting system is the key to the whole technology,Electric system adopts Siemens electrical control box,Make sure you use quality。
      My company the lowest price on the price,Integrity of authenticity is strong,Bang for the buck,I originally small steel structure company,Everyone to take profits on steel structure and according to the current steel market,Profit is very low,As long as the ventilation skylight、Do big、And stronger,A high-volume, low-margin business,Comprehensive enterprise profit is ok,So fare profit7%。
      In ventilation skylight actual requirements under the condition of same quality,Our company has always been the lowest unit price,Is no other in the same company,To fully experience the power of our company,I company for the ventilation skylight waterproof service10Years,Ventilation skylight wind valve plate、Opening and closing machine、Open window machine drive system for free maintenance5Years,Tracking service,Let owner satisfaction,Embody the real benefit。Buy equal to buy hengtong hengtong products services,You are welcome to order I enterprise products,Welcome you come to work,Welcome you to visit our company


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